Saturday, July 12, 2014

Plastic Pink Flamingo: Shows Class and Good Taste

As my regular  readers already know, I am not a fan of birds.  In fact, I have made the statement many times that all birds should die.  My Humom  does not agree with me on this point.  She actually likes birds, like most humans.  I love her, but let's face it; no matter how much we dogs love our humans, they are stupid.  Even Mom has to admit that birds can be a pain at times.  She has a plastic pink flamingo on the porch.  Doesn't everyone?  From what I understand, a plastic flamingo on a porch or in a yard just shouts class.  At least that is what the humans think.  Personally, I'm not so sure about that, but I do know that well placed dog art makes a yard look great--and most of the humans don't agree and go around picking up the dog poop that dogs so lovingly place in the yard.  However, this is not a blog about tasteful lawn decorations, it is about how annoying the birds around here are.  The local birds have pooped on the pink flamingo which makes the flamingo disgusting.  I can understand  if it were a statue of a dog or cat they are pooping on, but to do it to one of their own kind shows just how disgusting birds can be. They should all die--so says Demon Flash Bandit!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Lives With "Classy" Pink Flamingo)

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