Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dogs Look Good in Only Their Fur!

I have already written a blog about yoga pants, and how some humans (notably my human Mommy) should never wear them unless she wants to be on that website, People of Walmart.  That site has a lot of humans wearing or almost wearing things that the other humans think they should never wear under any circumstances.  I've seen better dressed humans on the news when a tornado has hit, and they had to throw on anything to get out of their house before it hit.  The worst part is that many of the humans who shouldn't wear those types of clothing, are the first ones to adopt the new style.  It makes a dog wonder if the humans have ever looking into a mirror before leaving the house.  However, today this blog is not about the humans who should not wear yoga pants, but it is about the ones who may look okay in them, but should not wear them in tan.  Why not in tan?  Because Mommy was in the car waiting for Jeff to come out of Best Buy (she didn't feel like going in and I told her to be careful in case a human decided to break the window in the car since Mommy was sitting in the car and it was a hot day and I was keeping her company.  Best Buy has some stupid policy about dogs not being allowed unless the dog is a service dog!  It is not good to leave a dog or a human in a hot car, but some of the humans seem to be seriously lacking in common sense and tend to overreact to situations.  Anywho, a lady walked out of Best Buy and was walking next door to Petsmart (where the smart pets shop) which means that at least she had good taste in where she shops.  However, she had on a pair of tan yoga pants, and from the parking lot, it looked like she was naked from the waist down.  Now I do understand how the humans might have finally learned from their dogs that clothing is stupid particularly on a hot day, but I think there are laws which can get a human arrested for indecency, and I think it would be very embarrassing to be arrested because you wore tan yoga pants, and law enforcement thinks you are naked.  By the way, I know that is a double standard because it is okay for a dog to be naked, but not the humans.  Of course, we dogs do look spectacular in our fur!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Look Good In Only Their Fur)

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  1. Crikey .... what was she thinking? Tan yoga pants ... OMD!!