Friday, July 4, 2014

A Kennel is not a Vacation for a Dog!

Be careful what you let your humans read on the Internet.  It is obvious to me that birds are sneaking onto the Internet trying to mislead the humans with information about dogs that is not true.  Case in point, there is a site  that tells the humans that dogs enjoy going to kennels.  It is like a "vacation" for a dog.  I guess there are some luxury dog resorts that would fit that category, but dogs prefer to be with their humans on their vacation.  I think it is only common sense that a vacation is like a vacation.  How many humans spend their vacations in a kennel?  When I go into a travel agency, I have never seen a poster showing a kennel as a vacation destination.  If you have ever watched the movie, Snow Dogs, it shows Demon and the rest of the dogs sitting in lounge chairs on the beach with sunglasses on enjoying the weather.  We huskies aren't even fond of summer, and yet the dogs were enjoying it because they were on vacation with their humans.  Besides, how are the humans supposed to survive on vacation without their dogs to protect them?  Who will bark at strangers?  Who will sleep in their beds with them?  Who will help them eat their dinner?  I think the humans should always take their dogs, and most vacations should be centered around bacon.  I'm sure that one day the humans will realize this and there will be tours of :"bacon country" like the tours of wine country.

If your humans go to this site, and are gullible enough to think it was written by a dog and you get left in a kennel. forgive them.  Remember, the humans believe most of what they read.  If they were dogs, they would be smart enough to realize that the article is full of propaganda from birds.  After all, they are only humans!

I'm sharing the site so that perhaps you can block your humans from seeing it:

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Prefers Going With My Humans--Like All Dogs)

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