Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zombie Mortgages

I have written many blogs in the past about zombies, but this is the first one I'm writing about a new danger from the zombie community, and that danger is "zombie mortgages".  I'm not sure just which banks decided to put zombies in charge, but, evidently, they are in charge at some banks.  According to a national survey, there are 301,874 zombie properties in foreclosure  throughout the United States.  For those who want to read more about this problem, here is the link:
I didn't read the article because I have more inportant things to do than research the stuff I write about.  I've got napping and scratching to do, and that dingo bone is not going to eat itself.  I'd like to know who allowed zombies to be in control of banks and mortgage companies, and why is there no zombie regulatory system to keep zombies from getting involved in these kinds of "shady" deals.  For those who haven't watched many movies or television shows about zombies, they don't tend to take care of themselves so you know they aren't going to maintain the properties as they should be maintained.  I suspect they don't even takes baths or showers which makes them fine with us dogs, but you know it upsets the humans when the other humans don't bathe.  Humans do not have the appreciation for interesting odors that us dogs have.  Besides, if a zombie moves into a house, how are they going to settle in and still find the brains they need to eat in order to survive.  The average grocery store does not sell human brains for the zombies to buy and eat. 

This dog thinks that the government should step in and stop this zombie mortgage stuff before the zombies start owning hotels, hospitals, and shopping centers.

Demon Flash Bandit (Worried About "Zombie Mortgages")

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