Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dog Cards Better than Sports Cards

I will never understand the humans.  Some of them collect cards with baseball players on them.  Don't get me wrong-I don't mind them collecting cards of baseball players or even football players, but why not dog cards?  I happen to think that I'm a lot cuter than the average baseball player, and so are other dogs I know.  Therefore, wouldn't it make more sense to collect dog cards?  My card could have my photo, my age and size, and my likes and dislikes, and talents.  How many human baseball players can eat a rawhide chip in under 10 minutes?  That happens to take real talent.  In fact, I'm  very good at catching balls that are thrown to me.  I am much better at it than the average baseball player.  Therefore, if you ask my opinion, if the humans want to spend money on cards, they should be dog cards.  It is a shame that the humans aren't smart enough to understand that concept!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Card Subject)

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