Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eggshelland: A Nice Place to Visit on Easter

This will be the final year for Eggshelland in Lyndhurst, Ohio which is near Cleveland.  This "labor of love" has been around for the past 55 years.  Ron Manolio started this Easter tradition, but he died earlier this year at the age of 80.  It is a shame that some of the humans don't decide to carry on now that he has died. but; evidently, it is a lot of work for the humans.  I suppose they don't have a dog to help them.  I wouldn't want to help eat eggs because I don't like eggs.  However, Angel Zoom Smokey would be glad to eat eggs if it helped keep it going.  Angel happens to love eggs.  If you live near the Cleveland, Ohio area, and you want to see Eggshelland, I would suggest you do so this year before it is too late!!!  It sounds like a cool place to visit for Easter!

Demon Flash Bandit (Eggshelland:  Good Place to Visit On Easter)

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