Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dogs "Unearthing" America

I like the television show, America Unearthed, which features a forensic geologist named Scott Walker, who travels around the country to see if there are parts of our history that are wrong.  In the episode, Giants in Minnesota which premiered on January 11, 2013, a Minnesota farmer hosts Walker on his farm because a grave was found on his land which the farmer says was of a"giant".  A "giant" found in Minnesota could prove that Vikings might have been here before Columbus, and they could have ventured much farther into the country than previously believed.   An "official" archaeologist was called in to examine the bones, and he claims that the man wasn't even 6 feet tall.  When Walker questioned him, he came up with a story about how the bone sockets of the joints fit in together so the man looked taller in the grave because they weren't together.  This dog thought he was lying just from the way he acted, but that "explanation" cinched it for me.  The bones aren't going to grow after the man dies, and the humans who buried him did not separate the bones and put them far apart from each other.  If they had, you would notice the spaces when they are dug up.  There is something rotten going on in Minnesota, and this dog can smell it all the way from Michigan.  I need to go to Minnesota to investigate this one myself.  No one can "dig" up evidence like a dog!!!  There is definitely some kind of conspiracy going on whether it is as simple as the academic community  not wanting to have to learn a lot of new stuff, or a scenerio involving space aliens, Area 51, Big Foot and zombies.  Is the academic community being controlled by robots from outer space?  If given a chance, this dog will get to the bottom of this, and I could use my own television show in which to do so.  If the networks can give a program to that Honey Boo Boo kid when I have more talent in one paw than that kid has in her whole body, there is something wrong with television programming.  Here is the link for the America Unearthed television show.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Loves to "Unearth" Stuff)

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