Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Career in Dog Modelling

I have received many questions from dogs who write and ask me, how can I get a job in the high paying field of dog modelling?  Officially, I am not a dog model, but I can see why the dogs reading my blog would think I am since I am so handsome.  I do not want to disappoint my readers so I have done some research, and I have answers for the dogs who are interested.  It does help to be handsome (which is why so many assume I'm a model).  Having blue eyes doesn't hurt, but can be faked by wearing blue contact lenses.  For the truly creative dogs, perhaps you might want to go with orange, yellow, or purple eyes.  It is important to listen to the instructions given by the photographer  which means sit if they want you to sit or stand if they want you to stand or bite the photographer's butt if he (or she) is stupid!  For many dogs, the ultimate in the field of modelling is the runway show, but I refuse to take part in one.  I do not wear clothing nor do I wear shoes, and the goal of the humans who have runway shows is to make a dog wear stupid looking clothing that makes him or her look miserable.  This dog will not do that so I would suggest that, if you do want to model, you make it clear to the humans from the beginning so that you can refuse to model if the humans expect you to do anything stupid.  However,  remember, just being human makes them likely to do that!  Don't forget--the dog is always the BOSS!!!

Demnon Flash Bandit (Dog Model--When in the Mood)

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