Friday, September 24, 2010

Circling Life in a Gran Torino

I was chewing on a rawhide bone and watching the movie, Gran Torino, which is a good movie despite it not having any dogs in it. In fact, some of it was filmed in the Detroit area, which is very smart for a movie about a retired autoworker. They generally either live in Michigan or they take off to Florida to retire. My dad was an autoworker who would have loved the title of the movie. This is the man who tried to use a car name for every one of his sons except the one named after him. Mommy did not know this at the time, but if she has also been a car devotee, she would have known in advance that Shelby was the name of a Mustang. Anyway, Daddy would tell you that any movie with a car in it is almost as good as having a dog--not as good of course, but you know the movie is trying. I happen to like cars myself. There is nothing more fun than a good ride. I just wish the humans would let me stick my head out the window. I hear that is really fun. Anyway, Clint Eastwood starred in this movie, and while I was laying there chewing on my rawhide bone, I realized that he has been an actor for a very long time. In fact, he starred in a television show that has won the Dogsie award for Best Title of a Television Show of All Time---Rawhide. It had no problem winning that award--what dog wouldn't choose Rawhide? Anyway, because Clint Eastwood has been acting for so long, I realized something when I was watching the movie. He has went from playing in Rawhide to becoming Rawhide--you know how old skin gets nice and leathery. I mean no insult to this very talented actor, but it made me realize that what that lion said in Lion King about the Circle of Life is true. I suppose that sometimes you can even learn from cats. In fact, I am as finicky about food as cats, and I get mostly Burger King and chicken. Yes, the cats finickyness works. I also have to commend cats for eating birds. Cats can be annoying, but they do have their good points. Anyway, I highly recommend Gran Torino as a movie to watch if you want to see only humans. Sadly, way too many movies do not star dogs!

Demon Flash Bandit (Circle of Life)

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