Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancing With the Zombies

Listening to the humans conversations is one of my sources of daily entertainment. Yesterday, the humans were discussing zombies. The last movie Jeff saw was Resident Evil, which apparently had zombies in it. The movie went a step further and had zombie dogs which were trying to eat people. What do you expect from zombie dogs? Aren't zombie humans trying to eat people too, and that makes them cannibals. At least the dogs aren't eating other dogs and being cannibals. Anyway, it sounded like a stupid movie to me. I don't think Mommy thought the movie she saw, Eat, Pray, Love, was the greatest movie she had ever seen; but she was happy to report that it was zombie less. Anyway, Jeff then asked Mommy what she had against zombie movies, and she told him that she was okay with Sean of the Dead because it was funny, and she liked Zombieland, but she said most zombie movies are just stupid. Besides, Resident Evil was based on a video game, and most people Mommy's age are bad at video games. When Mommy was young, Atari ruled the video game world with games like Pac Man and Space Invaders. As they improved the graphics of the game, many of Mommy's age group became handicapped in playing video games. When Sonic the Hedgehog came out on Sega Genesis, which was a $300. system that my brother had to have back then, Mommy played the game a couple of times, and she could handle making the hedgehog look at her and stomp his foot. Evidently, the object of the game was not to annoy the hedgehog, but that was all Mommy wanted to do on the game. Now the video games have moved onto include systems like WI which makes the humans actually work which, according to Mommy ruins the whole idea of playing video games. When she was a kid, children could run outside and their parents never had to buy any kind of system or games to allow it. They just opened the door and took off. They played actual games with other kids in the neighborhood which were also free or low cost since most could be played with something as simple as a ball. If you ask this dog, I think Mommy's generation has the right idea. This dog does not play video games either, but I do love to run after a ball. Anyway, evidently, zombies are not high on Mommy's list of entertainment choices even though Jeff does seem to think they are entertaining.

On the subject of entertainment, how has Dancing With The Stars lasted for 11 seasons? Are the humans really that easily entertained? Judging from the reality shows, they are. However, when the show has to book Bristol Palin to dance on there, my first and foremost question is, how is it dancing with the stars? Bristol is by no means a star. I am not being hard on the political right. I would not be any more impressed if they booked Chelsea Clinton. Why? Because Chelsea Clinton is not a star. I am not talking politics here....I'm talking logic. Maybe I can see her on one episode, but as this dog understands it, the couples keep coming back. To be fair, the stars on that show aren't really stars in the true sense of stardom. Somehow I just can't imagine Johnny Depp on the phone with Dancing with the Stars' producer......"sure, I have nothing better to do than be on Dancing With the Stars.....I told them to halt production on that new Pirates of the Caribbean movie so I can come on there and dance with the unemployed actors and actresses. Wait a minute.....I'd have to give up a truckload of cash....sorry, I'm unavailable". Don't get me wrong I am not putting down the stars on there, but I'm pointing out that the real stars usually have work to do, and aren't available for such a silly television show. I also fail to see how entertaining a bunch of humans shaking and jiggling around on stage can be. I watched a video clip of a dog who could dance on its back paws, and that was impressive. I wish I could share it on my blog, but it was not me, and I don't want to get into any trouble with the dance police.

It just occurred to me that if a network would put those two shows together to make a show called Dancing With the Zombies, I think that show would be a winner. I know I would watch it and so would my humans.

In closing, I have to make the observation that humans are easily entertained. In fact, I have seen my humans mesmerized and oohing and aahing because I wiped my face with my paw. Of course, if I saw myself do that in the mirror, I would be impressed too. I think I'll go entertain myself in the mirror for awhile. Look how cute I am!!!!!!!!1

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  1. Our mom LOVES zombie movies, especially REsident Evil. Your Mom needs to try 28 Days later and its sequel 28 Weeks later-