Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FrankenChummies--A Treat I Do Not Want to Try

The FDA is in the process of deciding whether to approve genetically modified salmon for human consumption (which would also include dog consumption). The salmon has been modified to grow twice as fast as non modified salmon. Critics of allowing genetically modified food have dubbed it Frankenfish. Personally, I can see the advantage of food growing faster so that it can be in a dog's tummy sooner, and there would be more of it, but I do understand the critics' misgivings about the whole idea. What if you end up with a bunch of really angry twice their normal size salmon, which happens to produce even bigger, angrier offspring? You can't always assume that mutants will end up nice like the Ninja Turtles. The world was lucky that they didn't turn out bad. I can also see other problems on the horizon. For example, what if the scientists start using the same technology for birds? My diabolically evil enemies, the birds do not need to be bigger. They steal enough of my snow the size they are now. Don't even get me started about the problems with genetically altered vegetables. The last thing the world needs is larger, faster growing killer tomatoes. I think the scientists who are doing this research could be better using their time finding a way to permanently eradicate fleas and mosquitoes. I have yet to meet a dog or a human either who likes either of those pests. I'm sure that it could be fun to watch encounters with modified salmon and other fish. Can you imagine a shark running into a super size salmon--you know they will get even bigger than regular salmon. The look on the shark's face would be hilarious. The only drawback is that, although funny to those of us animals who live on land, I don't think sharks possess a great sense of humor. At least I have never heard of any comedy clubs with sharks doing stand up comedy. There is a local club in town called the Shark Club, but despite its name, I don't think any actual sharks ever eat there. I think I would prefer to have old fashioned, non genetically modified salmon, and I highly recommend the dog treat, Yummy Chummies for that reason. It is made with delicious salmon, and I have yet to meet a dog who doesn't like it. I would never want to end up with FrankenChummy dog treats. I like them the way they are now.


  1. Woooos Demon! I think I would have to smell them and decide fur myself, if it smells like fishes, it must be fishes, I love my fishes....unless they are frankenfishes...

    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful