Saturday, September 11, 2010

Forget the Halloween Costume: I'm Going to Dress as Demon Flash Bandit

Mommy went shopping yesterday, and she came home with something for Angel Zoom Smokey and myself, which normally would make us both very happy. This was not the case yesterday. As it turns out, it is getting near enough to Halloween for the stores to be carrying Halloween items, and Mommy found (in her words), "the cutest costumes and she just HAD to buy them". I'm not saying they aren't cute--hanging in the store or on another dog, but we go through this every year with Mommy. Do the humans ever learn? Did the cute outfits from past Halloweens that Mommy could not get us to wear teach her nothing? She got a Devil costume for me--complete with a "forked" tail. My own tail is gorgeous, and she buys me a costume with a dumb looking tail. She thought the outfit was "cute" since my name is Demon. She got Angel a Pirate costume-complete with skull and crossbones on the back. No self respecting dog wants to wear a costume with a bone drawn on it. We want bones to eat. Angel took off as soon as she saw the costumes, but I hung around long enough for Mommy to check out the size, and the one advantage for us is that I think Mommy will have to take them back because the Large size is not big enough. Now she is looking for dog costumes on the Internet. Why can't Halloween just stick with the good part--the candy and not involve costumes? I, for one, would love to see dog costumes banned for all time. At least she didn't buy us the "cute ladybug" costume. We dogs do have our limits as to what we will put up with even from humans we love.

Demon Flash Bandit (Halloween Costumes Are Not Meant for Dogs)

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