Saturday, September 7, 2013

Security Advice for Buckingham Palace

I have already written a blog today, but then I saw that 2 humans had breached security at Buckingham Palace, and I had to write some suggestions for thwarting such events in the future.

First and definitely most important, I would hire guards who would actually be capable of moving their body parts.  A couple of guards wearing silly hats might have the potential burglar laughing in the beginning.  However, even as dumb as are the humans, they will realize that if they walk in, the guards can't stop the burglary because they aren't allowed to move. 

I would also put the royal Corgi dogs in charge of security.  Dogs are smarter than humans, and the dogs can move and bark--something that can't be said of the human guards.  Besides, the Corgis are also cute and would boost tourism rates at the castle. 

The royal family was not at the palace at the time.  My guess is that the royal Prince probably would let the burglars steal whatever they please while he just eats and sleeps.  The only sad thing I can add about that is that he is still probably as useful as the rest of the royal family!

Demon Flash Bandit (Security Suggestions for Buckingham Palace)

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