Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Visit With the Veterinarian--or Dogterrorist

I hate to write about this experience, but I think it needs to be recorded for dogsterity.  I had this little spot on my paw that I kept licking, and the humans decided I needed to see one of those" vet" doctors.  I would prefer to see the same doctor that my humans see because I've heard some of the older humans who have been in the military say that army doctors aren't that good for the most part.  As a dog, I think I deserve the best doctor possible. 

The visit did not start out well when the vet (who I will refer to from this time forth as "the dogterrorist" proceeded to put a muzzle on me.  Then she took me into another room.  I assume this is so my humans wouldn't hear her say, "Hey Bane, I'm Batman".  I want to go on record stating that I am not Bane nor have I ever been Bane.  If I were a super villain, do you really think I would have let them put a muzzle over my mouth in the first place? 

The dogterrorist brought me back into the room with my humans.  Incidentally, when a  dog has been traumatized by a vet, the last thing he needs to hear from his human is, "Demon, the blue muzzle matches your blue eyes".  Humans have to be the stupidest species on the planet!  I don't care for accessorizing when I haven't been tortured, and I have no patience for it when I've been tortured!

The vet told Mommy that I needed to take an antibiotic, and Mommy explained to her that I don't cooperate on the "taking pills" issue which is true.  That is when the vet got a needle, and I don't even want to tell you what she did with that needle; but suffice it to say, I was not happy with her!

To add insult to injury,  my human PAID MONEY for me to be treated as such by the dogterrorist..  That is money that could have been better spent (in my opinion) on dingo bones and other treats.  I think the vet should have paid me for pain and suffering....and I'm hoping a judge will agree when I take the matter to court.  I hope there are some dogs sitting on the bench.  There should be--we dogs like to sit on benches!

Demon Flash Bandit (My Visit to the Dogterrorist)

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