Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grand Theft Auto Video Game Based on Lindsay Lohan's Driving Skills?

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested again. This time she hit a pedestrian in New York City with her car and left to go inside to her hotel room. Why doesn't she hire a chaffeur? If there was any actress in Hollywood that should not be allowed to drive herself around, it is Lindsay Lohan. Doesn't she have a dog to hire a chaffeur for her? I know if I was her dog, I would not want to get into the car and ride with her because I value my life. With her driving, you never know where you will end up---perhaps over a cliff like Toonses the Cat from Saturday Night Live. Toonses used to go over the cliff every time he drove because cats should not be allowed to drive. Most dogs are great drivers, but cats just aren't responsible enough to be trusted. I think it is because they have 9 lives and tend to be big on taking risks as a result. I have been told by reliable sources that the video game, Grand Theft Auto, was based on Lindsay Lohan's driving skills. I wonder if she gets any royalties when that game is sold. I just saw recently that she and Charlie Sheen are going to do a love scene together in an upcoming movie. I can't wait to see how that turns out. I just hope it does not involve a car because, if it does and Lindsay is driving, Charlie may not make it through the scene.

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