Monday, September 17, 2012

Rats Are For Cats

A market in London is selling rat meat to the humans. The problem with this market is that this market was not meant for humans--it is a market for cats. Cats love rat meat, and as usual, whenever a store is opened up that caters to dogs or cats, the humans want to start buying our treats. Ask a cat--any of them will tell you that rat meat is delicious, but it was not meant for humans. Some things are meant for us pets, and that is why I am very annoyed at the humans for buying the cat's treats. Is there no end to the humans wanting all our stuff? Just yesterday, I found an entire box of chocolate covered peanuts called Goobers and I took it to one of my favorite spots, and just as I was about to enjoy my find, the humans came along and took it from me, and told me that I couldn't have it. Is that fair? I think not!!! I know that Goobers are a lot better than rat meat, but cats aren't as smart as us dogs nor do they have our good taste. Just ask any dog--they will tell you that cats are okay, but they are inferior to us dogs. Here is the link to the rat market:

Demon Flash Bandit (Rats are for Cats)

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