Friday, March 3, 2017

Psycho Chickrn

My brother, William found a video called Psycho Chicken.  I watched it too, and it is so amazing.   I had no idea that television could be so educational.  If not for TV, I would have no idea that chickens could be psychotic.  This is an important fact for a dog to  know.   From the lyrics of the song, I assume that Colonel Sanders can't tell the difference between psycho and non psycho chickens.  I suspect the song was written by a chicken so that the humans will be afraid to eat chicken. Angel  said chicken and Beneful when it ended.   The humans were so surprised to hear her say it that we both got a Beneful prepared chicken meal which was delicious. I told her when she was a puppy that the humans love it when a dog speaks human.  It is nice to know that she paid attention to at least some of my wisdom.  Here is the Psycho Chicken video:

Demon Flash Bandit

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