Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Living Like a Cavedog !

The reason I have not written in several days is because there was a windstorm that left our house without electricity and the internet  for several days.  We were living like cave dogs.  We didn't have necessities like television.  We had no heat so the house was very comfortable for Angel and me.  The humans were complaining, but ask any penguin or polar bear, and they would agree with Angel and me.  The temperature was perfect.

Angel Zoom Smokey celebrated her tenth birthday last week.  We both got the coolest squeaky plush poop toy!  What dog can imagine humans making a cool toy like that?  We also got a tray of gourmet dog biscuits.  I am so glad my humans make sure we get gifts for everyone's special days.  We even get gifts on humom's birthday.  My humans are wise.

Demon Flash Bandit (Being a Cavedog)