Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bowling for Birds

I have studied the sport the humans call bowling,  and I think it could be easily adapted for dogs.  The game has been played for centuries.  Archaeologists have unearthed bowling alleys in ancient Egypt. Every pyramid has a bowling alley so the Pharaoh  could play his favorite game in the afterlife.  Several of them were champion bowlers, and their gold trophies are now museum pieces.  The bowling clothes were found in perfect condition.  One of the leagues was called "Nile Sandstorms.  That name sounds intimidating to me.   Although the history is fascinating, tnis blog is about modern bowling so I will get back to the subject of modern bowling.

The game is simple.  The humans play it at a bowling alley which is derived from the old days when it was played in alleys.  The bowling alley is a large building with a lot of bowling lanes.  The humans pick up a heavy ball with a hole for one finger, and throw it at a group of pins. There are chairs for the ones awaiting their turn and a concession stand where you can buy concessions.  The humans playing are usually eating so I assume they sell food somewhere on the premises.  If all the pins are knocked over on the first try, it is called a strike.  When a strike is not achieved, there is one more try.  There is a maximum of 2 tries each time you bowl.

To adapt this game for dogs would involve a ball which can fit into a dog's mouth.  (I'll let engineers work on that.). The best part is that, instead of pins, dogs want something they would enjoy hitting and knocking over.  Birds come to mind, but some dogs would prefer squirrels, cats, chipmunks or whatever.  Fake ones are okay, but there is nothing wrong with using real ones.  It would give a whole new meaning to "killing 2 birds with 1 stone.)

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