Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Faceless Humans

Are you aware that the majority of female humans are born without faces?  Obviously, the women don't want to talk about this embarrassing birth defect.  However, despite the social stigma, many of the braver ones admit that they have to "put on their face".   This explains why the cosmetic companies make  hundreds of dollars every yezr on their products.  Evidently, this is not a problem with female (or male) dogs.  All dogs are born with faces.  I am glad my humom has a face because she can buy us bones with the tens of dollars she would have to spend on a face.  No matter how much money the humans spend, they still don't look as good as a dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog With Face)


  1. Crikey Demon ..... you are right again!! My Mum was one of the lucky ones. She's got a perfectly good face. She never puts one on but maybe she should. She's starting to look a bit like a shar-pei.

  2. BOL!!! Petcretary doesn't put on a face either...never has found the need to:)

    Whoot! BOL!