Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bones R Us

Since I am an enterprising dog, I am always thinking of new business ideas.  My latest is my plan to open a store specializing in bones for dogs.  I will call it Bones R Us.  I think this would fill an important niche for dogs.  Of course, if I plan to run a bone store, I will need inventory., and it needs to be of the highest quality for my customers.  Therefore, I went to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The museum is known for it's superior collection of dinosaur bones.  Obviously, this was the perfect place to get inventory for my new store.  I looked around and found a nice bone for my store.  I was carrying it out of the museum when some jerk in a security uniform told me I couldn't take it out of the museum.  The bones are stacked up and could fall and potentially injure someone so I think they should have thanked me for limiting their liability.  You will be pleased to learn that I peed on their stupid bone. Thete will be a delay in my Bones R Us grand opening while I search for bones to sell.

Demon Flash Bandit (Business Dog)


  1. BOL!! Poor Bone shop...There might be some more in the badlands, that is where lots were dug up...

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