Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mom's Helper

In addition to my many duties around here, my Aunt Barbara's birthday was last week.  She is humom's sister.  Humom wanted to send her something.  As usual, this dog had to help.  I called her house, and her dog, Max, answered the phone.  I always enjoy barking with Max.  He, like me, is a good boy.  I told him that my mom was wondering what his mom might want for her birthday.  As you know, dogs are an incredible source of information about their humans, which is why I called Max.  I was not mistaken (like it  would be possible for me to be wrong).  He said that she hoped  someone would give her dingo brand bones.  I guess sisters have similar taste, because that is a perfect gift for my mom too.  I passed the information from Max to mom and she sent her sister some dingo bones.  I hope she shares them with Max.  Mom said the bones would make her laugh. Humans laugh at the oddest things.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog)

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