Saturday, November 12, 2016

I Can Solve Heath Care Crisis

As most of my readers already know - Trump won the election.  It is customary for the losers to offer a conciliatory speech. I have no intention of doing so because this election was rigged.  This is why dogs never win, and the humans keep being allowed to run things.  Does Trump even have a dog?

I do want to thank all the dogs who voted for me.  In my next run in 2020,I am going to learn from Trump who made  promises he can' t fulfill  I'm taking it a step further and state that if I am elected to office,  i will fix the health care system and save billions.  How?  I will negotiate a deal that no one can get sick.  As usual, my plan Is genius.   I will banish death.  Being a asuccessful business dog, I am sure I can negotiate with the Grim Reeper to keep everyone alive.   Vote for me in 2020.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog)

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