Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Greetings my loyal readers!  Today is a very special day, today is my Woofday!  I have already received warm greetings from the Pope and Stone Cold Steve Austin via Skype and Johnny Depp came over to watch Gone to the Snowdogs on YouTube with me.  Yes, I was offered a part in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 by the way, but I will have to weigh it with my other offers which include napping.  I have not had Birthday cake yet, which is an outrage.  A dog needs his sugar.  It's like the ending of Scarface where Al Pacino has all that sugar on his desk and is willing to die for it (Note: I have only seen about a minute of the movie Scarface).  Anyway, thank all of you for reading my blog and sharing my Woofday with me.  You are the best.
-Demon Flash Bandit