Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Want to be a Star!

I have been unable to write because I've had a hurt paw.  Don't worry about me.  It is caused by allergies, and the humans have already given me medicine for it. To make me feel better, humom got me a new toy.  The new toy is so cool.  It is a fire hydrant puzzle with a squeaky dog and a bone attached to it
  It always makes a hurt feel better when I get a new toy.  I wonder why more veterinarians don't prescribe toys.  It would make them very popular with their canine patients.

I was watching the television program, Pioneer Woman,  on the Food Network..  The hostess of the shiow is a blogger who shares recipes on her program.  I think that a dog who writes blogs should get a lot more attention than a human blogger.  Therefore, I think I should have my own televised program.  The Food Channel would work out great for me. The humans can watch me eat.  I can't think of a program that would be more intetesting to a human than one with me as the star!

Demon Flash Bandit  (Future Star)


  1. Great idea Demon ..... the food channel sounds perfect for you and you should be a star, mate. Maybe we could do a show together. I'm a bit of a star too and I sure can eat.