Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My New Bed

My hu-mom ordered  Angel Zoom Smokey and myself a lovely New bed. Angel destroyed our last bed.  Mommy found us look alike beds on Amazon.  These beds are blue on one side with paw prints on it and the other side is a soft fleece fabric.  Mine cost more because mine is larger.  I happen to be bigger, but let's face facts; I'm worth the extra money.  The main problem is that my bed is so big that I need my own room.  Therefore I'm taking over the master bathroom.  There will still be another bathroom for the humans.  However, i if Angel wants her own room, I don't see why the humans can"t take care of their business like dogs-outside
  The trees appreciate my daily effort to water them!

Demon Flash Bandit (I've Got a New Bed)


  1. Crikey Demon ...... you've got the Master bedroom????????? As you should, mate ..... as you should!! Well done ...