Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Humom Should be Supervising Hockey

I was watching televisiom with humom yesterday (Rescue Me) in which the firefighters play hockey against a team of policemen.  The show is like a soap opera in the sense that most of the characters seem to spend their lives making really stupid decisions.  This is not a surprise for me because the show is about humans, and not about dogs.  Anywho, this blog is about the hockey game.  Evidently, hockey is a game whete the goal is to use sticks to beat up each other over a thing that isn't even a ball.  It is a duck, but it looked nothing like a duck- or maybe it was a junk which would make sense because it looked like something the humans fished out of the trash.  I suppose that proves that some humans have sense enough to know trash is valuable.  Time to get off the "wild duck chase" and back to the hockey subject.  I think this is a game that could benefit greatly from humom.  Since Angel and I were puppies, whenever one of us gets a toy, humom gives each of us a toy that is the same or similiar.  This keeps us from "fighting" with eah other over toys.  As any dog will yell you:  sticks are for chewing.  The humans have taken a game which is played on ice (which we Siberian huskies love) and ruined it with their silly fighting.  Imagine how much nicer it would be to watch a bunch of humans sitting around in a circle chewing on their hockey stick while playing with their ducks.  They need humom to show them how to get along with each other!

Demon Flash Bandit (Hockey Improvement)

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  1. Words of great wisdom there Demon! Hoomans would surely be much happier and less prone to fighting if they sat down and chewed their sticks instead of hitting each other wiv them!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx