Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Protectve Dog at Wotk

Jerry Seinfeld called youtube a "giant garbage can".  Since I recently made a cameo appearance on my brother, Jeff's, youtube channel (Steel Magnolias review) I was offended by Stenfield's statement.  He even had the nerve to say that no one wants to watch cat videos.  I happen to know that many humans love the dog and cat videos.  I think he should watch what he says because the funniest person on his show was Kramer.  What is his problem?  He has money and fame.  Why is he jealous of dogs and cats?  Is it because he has been watching his show, and realized he isn't funny so  he insulted pets because he is jealous of pets.  I did Mommy a favor  because she had all of his "worthless" show on dvd.  I'm sure she will thank me for it when she realizes what I have done. It s my job protect the humans from such garbage.  Yes, I said it-- I know Mommy would prefer to watch dog and cat videos anyway.  I put those Seinfeld dvds where they belong:  in the garbage!

I do have good news too. A couple of days ago, Angel and I had Burger King for dinner which was delicious.  We had B K again today.  It was even better because today we had double cheeseburgers with bacon.  I have yet tomeet a dog that does not LOVE bacon!  I hope all my readers get all the bacon they want!

Demon Flash Bandit (Protective Dog)

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  1. Who's that Jerry bloke think he is?? AND what would he know anyway??? Dog and cat videos are great!! I watch 'em whenever I can.
    You had burger King twice in one week???? How lucky are you?? Double cheeseburgers with BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crikey ........ I've NEVER had one of those!!