Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Building Computers j

My brother, William, was watching a do it yourself project on building a computer out of an XBox.  Although, I don't consider myself a do it yourself dog, I consider myself to be  a let the humans do it  it for the dog kind ofdog., I found this one interesting. Projects take  a lot of time from my napping schedul, but this one was worth staying awake   Besides, I think Jeff would not appreciate coming home to see his game system in pieces.  When I was a wee puppy,I chewed up his game controller (he has all the systems)  so I have no idea which controller I chewed on, but I suspect it tasted like a PlayStation system.  He got a new controller the next time he went to the store. .there.  Flash  my Dutch bunny pal, chewed up the new one.  He said it tasted like an Xbox system, but what does a rabbit know about video game  systems?  I loved Flash, but the dog is always right!  We had planned . attacks because Jeffwas spending entirely too much time playing games and not enough time with us pets.  From that experience, I knew that Jeff is not happy when you destroy his game system.

I will admit that this project peaked my interest.  However, I did not want to use  Jeff's system so I used my doggy genius to build a computer out of things around the yard
  I found.d a nice large pebble which is flat.  I do not recommend using a
pointy rock because it could hurt your paws.  I hit an owl over the head with  a stome.  I know this violates my "kill all birds" motto, but I did needed  a brain for my computer.  I put the bird in a cage.  This is necessary because you don't want your " brain" flying away.  .A stick makes a great stylus!  I made a computer worthy of being sold in Bedrock.  In fact,  that Fred Flintstone has one on order.

Demon Flash Bandit ( Computer Building Dog)

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  1. Sounds pawfect to me!
    You'll be pleased to hear I was flushing out pigeons from the brambles on my walkies this weekend....I haf been listening to your advice. Next time I'll look for an owl and see if I can build my own computer...although we've got one birdbrain in the household already! (Sorry Mum, just sayin')
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx