Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter to Everyone Except Birds

Happy Easter everyone.  In honor of the holiday, I am posting my art work from a past blog.   This is to remind you of the true meaning of Easter.  Chickens and birds are meant to be a dog's dinner.  This is why they are delicious.  Easter is a day to honor bunny rabbits.  I assume there is some religious significance, but for us dogs, it is all about the toys and treats.  Before your humans reading. this think you are superior to us dogs, many humans like the toys and treats too.  We dogs are just honest enough to admit it.  As you can see from this drawing, birds even admit they are evil.  I also feel that real eggs aren't necessary for the holiday.  I won't eat eggs from chickens anyway.  This dog doesn't eat something that comes out of a chicken's  butt.  I prefer chocolate eggs, but a dog has to sneak them when the humans aren't looking.  The humans claim chocolate is bad for us.  However, this dog thinks it is only because the humans are hoarding it for themselves.  This is my chocolate conspiracy theory.

One reason I am bringing up this subject is because Burger King has new crowns with angry birds on them.  I have been eating their burgers all my life. and they choose birds to represent the company.  Now they have made me an angry dog!  I will continue to eat their burgers, but I will be angry while I eat them.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who HATES Birds)

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