Monday, January 12, 2015

Minimum Wage and Food Testing

I had to take an extended leave of absence from my blog because my human secretary got very sick.  I would say she was just milking it to get out of work; but quite frankly, I don't think she is smart enough to do so.  Besides, she even made a trip to the hospital, and she doesn't do that unless she feels very bad.  She is much better now so, hopefully, she won't be shirking her secretary duties anymore.  By the way, I think she misspelled hospital.  When I go to the dogtor, the office and doggies hospital are in a big red barn on Highland Rd. in Howell, MI so I'm guessing the correct spelling is horspital, and it is probably in an even bigger barn since humans are bigger than dogs.

Today I have decided to discuss this whole work thing the humans seem to be discussing on the Internet.  For some crazy reason, the humans always feel they need to evaluate the money everyone else is being paid to do their job.  Personally, I don't see what the humans find so interesting about "work" because it doesn't look like a lot of fun to me.  I think we dogs are into a good thing because we can lay around all day and get treats and nap, and all we have to do it look good while we are relaxing.  However, since the humans always seem to need to be shown the wise path by a dog, I am willing to bark my opinion.  First of all, the paycheck is really a matter between the employee and the employer and it should not involve everyone else.  The employer pays the employee to do a specific job, and the employee does said job and gets paid the agreed upon amount.  Businesses are not social service networks.  They pay the employee because the employee makes them money.  However, here is where the humans stupidity gets involved.  A lot of people are upset because fast food workers are asking for $15.00 an hour (which, if the humans understand negotiating means that they won't get that much and will settle for less, but you have to ask more because the humans seem to enjoy playing "money games".  As a dog who has been eating at fast food restaurants all my life, I think I am uniquely qualified to address this issue.  From my observation, the humans aren't considering quality.  There are fast food workers (and this is true of all industries) that deserve far more than what they are being paid.  Yes, there are fast food workers who work hard, are accurate, treat the customers nice, and keep the customers coming back  That worker might be worth $50. an hour.  However, there are plenty of fast food workers who are being overpaid at $1.00 an hour because they are lazy and don't want to work.  I know I joke about work not being fun, but I have spent the last couple of weeks hanging out with Mommy because she is sick and I love  her.  It is my job to take care of her and comfort her when she needs me, and I take my job very seriously! I think if businesses were run by dogs, things would be better because a dog understands quality.   In fact, I would volunteer to work at Burger King free of charge as a taste tester.  I would  be glad to take a bite out of every burger that leaves the restaurants in order to make sure the food is up the the high quality standards of Demon Flash Bandit!

Demon Flash Bandit (Potential Food Tester)


  1. I'd join ya in bein a taste tester at Burger King!

  2. Taste testing burgers?? Count me in, too, BOL! Mmmm!

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