Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Have a Dream!

My human secretary has been sick recently and has been unable to drive to the store to get my stuff.  As a result, I am running very low on milkbones which is inexcusable if you ask me (and I did).  Mommy went on Amazon and ordered me 2 big boxes of milkbones which  are supposed to arrive on Tuesday.  They should arrive on Monday, but it is a holiday--Martin  King Jr. Day.  I know he was a great man, and dogs love him. I have no problem with honoring him, but I think the humans are too quick to make events into holidays.  Don't they realize that a dog might be waiting for treats?  I did approach the postmaster general with my idea that all dog related items should be delivered everyday without fail, but you know how the humans are.  The postmaster did not understand the importance of my suggestion.  Anyway, just like Martin  King Jr., I have a dream and here is is:

I have a dream that some day a dog's milkbones will be delivered as soon as possible--preferably by airplane.  The treats should have the finest of human food ingredients, and the humans in charge of feeding said dog, should not mess up and wait until the last minute to order the treats.  Extra treats can be added because a dog can never get too many treats.  Yes, what a wonderful world it would be if the humans would quit celebrating holidays, and just get back to giving their dog treats!  However, I am open to the idea of holidays that involve giving a dog gifts.  Those holidays are the best!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dreamer)


  1. Running low on milk bones, well.....I finks that's just outrageous!!!!
    Hope Mom gets better soon (and the milk bones store is replenished to an acceptable level!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. POTP to the milkbone situation...and more to your Mommy!

  3. Amazon should send a drone wif your milkbones.

  4. inexcusable indeed .... hope those milkbones arrive soon and POTP to the Secretary!!