Thursday, January 22, 2015

Product Review: Foppers Gourmet Pet Treats

Today I am going to do a product review of a treat Mommy got Angel and me for Christmas.  There are many good doggy treats on the market.   I'm suspicious about many of  them  which is not unusual for me since I have yet to eat a hot dog or an egg--I just don't trust them.  However Foppers gourmet pet bakery products  have won  my Demon Flash Bandit seal of approval.  Mine was 13 ounces of pure bliss-yes 75 pieces of heaven right here on Earth.  Mine had 13 candy squares, and 2 3/5 ounces of mini-bones.  These treats are sourced and processed in the United States, and are recommended by veterinarians.  More importantly, they are recommend by me, Demon Flash Bandit, worlds pickiest dog treat eater!  Here is the website that shows you where to buy them although Mommy got hers from a mail order catalog that is not listed among the places to purchase the product.


If your human doesn't order these treats for you, do what I would do....sneak that plastic money out of her purse and order some for yourself.  Some of those retailers have items online so a dog doesn't have to bother with driving to the store to get it for him or herself.

Demon Flash Bandit (Product Review)


  1. Psst, Demon Flash Bandit, how about ordering some for us in the UK as well?
    They do sound very yummy!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx