Sunday, May 15, 2011

Leonardo Dicaprio Breaks up With Girlfriend

Perhaps you saw the story about Leonardo Dicaprio breaking up with his super model girlfriend, Bar Refaeli. The media didn't tell the entire story of how it happened, but as usual, you can get the whole story from my blog. I have to admit that I am responsible for their breakup. I was visiting Leo at his home. I might add that Leo is not green and has outgrown that awkward mutant turtle stage nicely. Leo and I were having a great time together. He had arranged to have his assistant pick up some whoppers from Burger King for us to eat. They were delicious and we were chowing down on our tasty meal when the telephone rang. It was his girlfriend. Since Leo was in the magnificent presence of Demon Flash Bandit, and we were eating whoppers, he should have let it go to voice mail. Instead, he proceeded to take the call. As you can imagine, I was outraged because this interrupted my dinner.

This is when I realized that I needed to break up this couple for Leo's own good. This was easier to accomplish than you might think. I showed him a photo of Angel Zoom Smokey. she is one "smokin' hot" girl husky, thus the name Smokey. I arranged a meeting between the two and the rest is history. The next time Leo and I share a whopper, there will be no interruptions. I do feel sorry for Bar Rafaeli. When compared to a dog, she is always going to lose.

Demon Flash Bandit (The Truth Behind the News)

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