Saturday, May 28, 2011

Latest News in Entertainment

I think it is interesting that Disney studies managed to make sure that the anchor from Blackbeard the Pirates ship, Queen Ann's Revenge, was found so close to the opening of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Kudos to Disney for such good timing.

In other entertainment news, rumors are that Pippa Middleton is being courted to be a talk show host. I have no idea why. I also just watched a video that was discussing her choice in fashions and how everyone wants to buy the clothes she is wearing. Sure, she looked nice, but I've seen plenty of humans at Walmart wearing equally nice things so I guess maybe it is something that us dogs just don't understand. The video said that if you want clothing like she is wearing, you had better buy it fast because it is selling out. Considering Pippa's behavior, I think if you hang around her long enough, you can get the clothing free because she always seems to be taking it off. I do have to admit that I have to admire her attitude toward clothes. I think she might be part dog. I refuse to wear clothing too. The main difference is that I do still wear my fur. However, I would not watch a talk show with her on it. I can't imagine her having anything important to say. If the humans want a good talk show host, they should get me. I would be great at that job!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Entertainment)


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