Saturday, October 8, 2011

Schools Not Doing Great Job of Teaching History

Yesterday I wrote a blog about fish going to school, and I said that I have no idea how the human schools are doing, but then proceeded to discuss fish in school. Today I have an answer for the question of how human schools are doing educating the humans. They are doing a lousy job at least when it comes to history. I happen to know that all humans living in the United States are required to take American history before they graduate from high school. Yet just yesterday, Representative Peter King, gave his opinion of the Wall Street protestors. I will share the link so you will know that I'm not putting words in his mouth or making up what he said. Here is the link:
If he had learned anything in taking American history (and I am going to assume he was skipping class or sleeping), he would know that the founding fathers were considered "anarchists" too. There was a time when the United States was a British colony, and as such was under the jurisdiction of King George III. There were a number of colonists who did not want to continue to be under the rule of King George III so they had a few protests which resulted in the Revolutionary War and the end of British rule. I'm not saying that the Wall Street protestors are right or wrong, but it is an American tradition for the people to be able to say what they think. As long as the protests are peaceful, then I don't see a problem with them. Of course, the protestors have a lot more people who agree with them out there and that is probably what scares some of the politicians--the ones that support the big corporations (most of them Republican). I would suggest that perhaps they start listening to the people and then maybe the protests will end. As it is, the protests are now being staged in other cities so they seem to be gaining momentum. I wish the schools would do a better job and then a dog would not have to waste a blog writing this, and I could write about important stuff--like if Dingo is planning to come up with any new flavor dingo bones. I do have priorities, but the humans obviously don't!

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