Friday, October 28, 2011

Forests Hide Werewolves!

Prince Charles has announced that he and Vlad the Impaler of Romania are relatives. If any family has a right to complain about relatives attending holiday dinners, I think the English royal family is among them. Can you imagine having Thanksgiving dinner with Vlad the Impaler? If the dinner is at his castle, you would have to go through a forest of humans who are impaled to trees to get to the castle. By the time you get there, I would have lost my appetite! I know that any of us can have ancestors that we aren't particularly proud of. I'm sure I probably have some Siberian Husky relative who has even helped out a bird, although I would hope that dog just didn't realize how evil birds are when he made that mistake. However, if I found out that I had a relative who did that, I would be trying to keep it quiet, but that is because I have pride which obviously, the British royal family does not. I know they have no pride because I saw the stupid hats being worn at the royal wedding. A human with pride does not show up wearing a hat that looks like something a space alien would refuse to wear. I'm not kidding. It would not have surprised me if I had seen someone wearing a cone shaped hat made from aluminum foil!

Anyway, Prince Charles has bought some land in Romania, and he says the forests in Transylvania are a national treasure. Being a dog, I happen to like trees, and I have done my part to help keep them watered. However, I'm not sure if having a forest in an area that has werewolves is a wise idea. I know this because one of my human great grandmothers came from Romania, and she talked about werewolves. She had to carry a stick to keep them at bay. I guess if Prince Charles wants to take his chances with the werewolves, that is his business; but I doubt that they care if he is the Prince of Great Britain. I suspect werewolves pay little attention to titles like that. I hope he doesn't meet up with one because they sound kind of mean!

Just so you know that I am not making this news story up, go to this web address to read all about it:

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Talking About Werewolves)

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