Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Republicans Meeting in Las Vegas--Getting Their Sinning Done

The Republicans are meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. This dog assumes they are meeting there so they can get their sinning out of the way before the election process gets started in full swing. I'm only joking. I'm sure they won't quit their sinning even if they get into office. Las Vegas is "sin city", and since they are in politics, I'm sure that they are hoping that the motto "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is true because I'm going to assume that they plan on doing some things that they don't want to get out of Vegas. I don't think the motto applies to politicians, but I doubt that they know that. This dog thinks they don't know much of anything except how to make sure the wealthiest humans don't pay any more in tax because they are the "job creators". It makes it sound like only a limited few can create jobs. The way this dog sees it, anyone can create jobs--even if it is calling people to fix things around the house--it is a job. The only difference is that if a plumber comes to your house, he does not work for minimum wage. Many of the job creators seem to think that minimum wage is a big deal, and if they had to work for it, I'm quite sure that they would be the worst workers ever hired. Don't get me wrong--there is nothing wrong with hard work, but hard work seldom gets anyone to the top of a company--that idea is a lie spread by the job creators who would not want to do the work themselves so they have to find people are are dumb enough or brain-washed enough to believe them. Ultimately, the humans often listen which is sad. I'm a dog and we have more common sense than that. This is why most of us are home sleeping while the humans are working. We know that work is not fun, and seldom makes anyone rich.

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