Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Send Me Dingo Bones--Not X-Ray Spectacles

For many years, comic books have advertised exciting products in each issue. Sure, they are not designed to be sold to dogs since the humans know that dogs have far more sophisticated tastes, and would not be interested in buying the products that are offered. Sure, some of us dogs are doctors, but the x-ray spectacles offered in the comic books are not as good as an x-ray machine. Sure, human doctors like to use them, but they are humans and are easily fooled by inferior imitations. Just look at the whole pet field......humans sometimes have cats as pets, and cats are the inferior pet to us dogs!

I do like to be fair. Since I have never ordered any of the products, I thought it would only be right if I included some product reviews of the items from someone who have actually bought them. Here is the web address where you can find out more about the products.

I do not recommend any of the products for dogs, but I think the humans would probably enjoy them. Humans are so much easier to entertain than dogs. I really don't want anything in the comic books, but a large order of dingo bones would be great!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Comic Book Products)

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