Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wedding At Walmart

Recently I saw that a couple got married at a Walmart in Louisville, Kentucky. Personally, I really don't think it matters where a couple gets married because the amount spent on the wedding does not make it any more or less likely that the marriage will be successful. In fact, some of the humans who have the most lavish weddings are the first to get divorced. I do wish the couple well. However, I do hope that Walmart doesn't decide to get into the wedding business on a large level simply because I think it would be very annoying to the customers in general. The wedding was held in the garden center, and during nice weather, the garden center sells flowers, plants, outdoor furniture, etc. If a customer happens to want to purchase some items from the garden center, it would not be fun to discover that you can't enter the area because there is a wedding taking place there. Even worse, what if a dog needs some dingo bones, and the wedding is being held in the dog area? I happen to think is the best part of the store. I would not want to have to go away with empty paws because there is a wedding taking place in "my area". Walmart is an okay store for the most part, but I do hope it doesn' t decide to get into the "wedding business". It is okay as a novelty to have a wedding there, but I just hope it doesn't become another service offered by Walmart. If Walmart starts offering weddings, then what is next--funerals? I can just imagine walking through a Walmart store that has a roll-back price on a casket. Just imagine how the humans would be fighting over that item. Sadly, judging from the way Walmart has been run in recent years, I can just see the humans in their board know people aren't able to buy a casket at our competitive stores...we can corner the market. I hope Walmart decides to stick with the merchandise they have now. I really don't want to attend a future wedding with the Keebler Elves making an appearance to give out samples....wait a minute, that might be the best part of the wedding at Walmart. Pass me a cookie Elf.

Demon Flash Bandit (Writing About A Walmart Wedding)

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