Sunday, October 23, 2011

Interesting Underwear

Today's blog is about fashion. Just because a dog like myself does not want to be dressed in some silly human outfits does not mean that I don't appreciate fashion in the humans. Many young men do not like to pull their pants up which annoys some of the oldsters. I feel if I explain why they wear their pants this way, it might help the older humans understand that there is a valid reason for why they are wearing their pants this way. Before you assume that it is not a good reason, let me reassure you that there is a very good and logical reason for wearing the pants so low that you can see their underwear. That reason is the underwear itself. Let's say for a moment that you have just purchased a new pair of underwear with Spongebob Squarepants, the Superman "S", or perhaps Stewie from Family Guy, and you are very proud of your new underwear. If you wear the underwear as it is normally worn--under your pants, then no one will ever see how cool your underwear happens to be. What is the point of having cool underwear if no one can see it. If so, you might as well wear cheap white briefs or boxers. You have paid extra money for this special underwear, and you want it to be seen. You could pull up your pants, and wear the underwear over the pants, but that would be silly since it is called UNDERwear. Therefore, the most logical way to make sure that the world can see your new Underdog underwear (I might add that I approve of having Underdog underwear) is to pull your pants down enough so that everyone around you can enjoy your good fashion sense. So, for you older humans reading this, the next time you see some young guy with his pants down near his ankles, take a good look at his underwear, and I think you will be impressed with his taste in fashion. You might want to buy some for yourself, and start wearing your own pants around your ankles to impress everyone with your fashion sense. If you are too old for underwear and are using adult diapers, write those companies and let them know that you want diapers with characters like Spongebob on them. You don't want to be left out of the loop just because you are too old for underwear. I've seen baby diapers that look like blue jeans so the sky is the limit. Remember, fashion is what makes life interesting--or stupid--depending on which humans are doing the designing.

Demon Flash Bandit (Writing About Fashion)

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