Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Pyramid of Alcatraz

According to news reports, UFO Phil is planning to build a full size pyramid on Alcatraz Island in California. Space aliens have given him secret blueprints and schematics for building the pyramid which will generate hydrogen power. UFO Phil says that was the purpose of the pyramids in Egypt years ago. The pyramid will be called the Great Pyramid of Alcatraz. There has been no official comment from the National Parks Service. I guess the government agencies always move slow when it comes to big projects, but I'm surprised they haven't jumped on this project. It isn't like it is your everyday project where the handyman throws some duct tape on something that needs to be fixed. This is something that hasn't been done in years. To be honest, my first thought when I read the article was "UFO Phil needs a rubber room", but then I realized that a dog must open his mind to possibilities which is when I realized that there is a good possibility that UFO Phil needs to be in a rubber room.

This is another point, if UFO Phil doesn't need a rubber room, and he is right, can we trust a bunch of aliens from another planet? Just yesterday I wrote about humans getting into a "chemical fight" at a Maryland Walmart. Do we really need aliens who might be as bad or worse than the humans. A dog has enough to do making sure the humans behave. Do we really need a bunch of rowdy, know it all aliens to have to keep an eye on? This dog doesn't think so. It is bad enough having to watch over the humans, and some of the humans don't even have a dog---I just feel bad for them!

For those who would like to read the article that this blog was based on, go to:

Demon Flash Bandit (Great Pyramid of Alcatraz)

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