Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Square of Life

I'm sure that most of my readers are familiar with "The Circle of Life" since The Lion King is a very popular movie. I think it is a nice concept, but this dog happens to think that it is really a "square of life". I'm sure some of you are wondering how I came to believe that life is a square and not a circle, but it is actually very simple. You start out going along a path, then you move uphill when you "grow up" until you get to your prime. Then once again, it is an even path until you get old-at which point you tend to go downhill again. Besides, no matter what the humans say, the Earth has to be square--all us dogs know that. The ancient humans knew that too because, if it was round, everyone would fall off the Earth. I'm not fooled by those so called photos of Earth from space either. Hollywood has been making sci-fi movies about other planets for years so the technology is there to shoot fake photos.

I'm sure some of you are wondering why I am on the subject of the "square of life", and there is a good reason for that. I was shopping yesterday, and I saw The Lion King in the new release section of the dvds and blu-rays. This reminded me that I have to come up with something to write about and the Square of Life sounds as good as anything else I could write about. Sure, I could write about the cute metal pencil holder that would look good next to the computer and possibly keep the pen thief from stealing the pens (probably not), and it would match the garbage can I bought recently. However, many of the humans would find that subject boring. I could also write that the bananas were a bit too green to buy. Sure, there might be some kind of conspiracy that has the other humans buying up all the ripe bananas before I get to the store so that I won't get any edible bananas. I could write about the weather getting cooler, but unless you happen to live in my town, it probably won't matter to you. Therefore, I chose the "square of life" idea.

I am also wondering if the "square of life" might have had an impact on Square dancing. Square dancing, for those of you who haven't heard of it (I know my blog is read in other countries) is a dance from the United States. It is still being done today probably to torture the teenagers who are trying to listen to rap music. Therefore, I have to admit that it is still useful because parents of teenagers do need some kind of punishment for the kids for having to put up with that age group. There are some good teenagers, but most of them are transformed temporarily into know it all humans who should be listening to their dogs for guidance, but even dogs can't do much with the teens. For those who want a full history of square dancing, you can go to this addresss:
After visiting this site, I'm sure you will want to dosado all over the place. That is square dance talk for dancing around.

I have to move on now. There is napping to do.....a dog's naps are never done! Next time you hear someone mention the circle of life, let them know that it is really a square of life---a fact from Demon Flash Bandit, Siberian Husky!

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