Saturday, October 22, 2011

Proper Etiquette When Meeting a Celebrity Dog

I have decided to write this entry about proper etiquette when meeting a celebrity dog. I am qualified to write this because, as you can imagine, as a world famous blogging dog, I am always being noticed when I am out on the town. Since meeting a celebrity is an exciting event for most of the humans, I know they can get very excited and it causes them to do silly things. For example, I had one human ask me to sign my autograph, and I was annoyed. I am a dog so I do not sign my name....I give out pawtographs. Most dogs won't be rude, but if you ask a famous cat for an autograph, they can get quite rude!!! Cats just aren't as nice in general as us dogs!

Most dogs do not mind being approached by humans. It is wise to make sure we are in a good mood because there are a few dogs who might bite if approached when they are in a bad mood. There is also a chance that the celebrity might not be an actual dog. A perfect example of this is the rapper, Snoop Dogg. Despite his name, he is really a human who just had the good taste to have the name, Dogg. I do admire him for having the good sense to want to be a dog.

If you happen to have some food or a dog biscuit, a celebrity dog will not be offended if you offer it to him or her. In fact, they might just take it anyway. Most dogs have a weakness for eating human food. Even if you have taken a bite, few dogs would be upset about that as long as they get to eat the rest of it.

Most dogs enjoy being petted and tummy rubs are usually preferred, but be sure and remember that this is an individual dog thing since not all dogs trust humans....some have been mistreated or are just scared of humans for no reason.

Now that you know these basic facts, you can meet a celebrity dog without worrying about the proper protocol for the meeting. If you should run into me, I am offended if the humans don't notice me because I happen to love attention. Most dogs think like me, but keep in mind, there are some who do not. I wish you luck in meeting one of us. It is a real priviledge to meet a famous dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Polite Manners for Meeting Celebrity Dogs)

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