Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Puppy Tweets Discontinued!

My humans bought me that product, Puppy Tweets, so that I could tweet them more often when I'm in the mood. They are usually with me, but you know how it is when they are in another room and a dog doesn't feel like getting up and walking into the other room to talk to the humans. Paws do get tired! Anyway, I was excited at first and then I made the humans take it off of me because it is on a chain and it kept hitting my neck which I did not like. I just chatted with the humans at Mattel, the company that made Puppy Tweets, suggesting they make it lighter and thinner so it would be more comfortable for a dog to wear. However, they said that the product had been discontinued. This is what happens when a company listens to birds when making a product for dogs. Birds don't like dogs, and they never will so I think they deliberately sabotaged the product. It makes sense that birds would not want dogs tweeting the humans and possibly warning them about the latest of the birds evil plans for world domination. I do hope that Mattel will bring back a new and better Puppy Tweets. Maybe they should call it Puppy Barks so that they won't feel the need to bring birds into the developmental stage of the product. By the way, I do have a Twitter account for my readers who want to follow me, and my twitter name is demonflashhusky. I usually "tweet" when I post a new blog so it would enable those of you who use twitter a lot to catch my latest blogs as soon as possible--which I'm sure is what all my readers live for!

Demon Flash Bandit (Tweeting Dog)

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