Friday, October 7, 2011

Fish School

I've heard the humans discuss whether schools are doing a good job of educating the human puppies or not. I am not qualified to answer this question, but I do think they do a better job than the schools for fish that I've checked out. Basically, all the fish schools teach the fish to do is to swim around. Sure, swimming can be a useful skill, but I do think the humans puppies need to graduate with more skills than just swimming. Sure, some of the fish do learn some valuable lessons in school. Some of them learn to spot bait so that they don't get caught because getting caught by the humans can really ruin a fish's day. Personally, I don't think the lesson should be that hard to learn. Since dogs are so smart, I'm sure I could teach even the dumbest puppy to avoid being caught. All you have to tell them that if food is hanging around suspended in the air, it probably is bait to get a dog's attention. This is because food is not supposed to hang around suspended in mid-air. Personally, I am not impressed with the intelligence of fish. Sure, they at least do go to school so it looks like that are trying, but they don't even have enough common sense to avoid pooping in the water they are swimming around in which is not only disgusting, but it should be their first lesson when they are puppy fish. I've talked to a few cats, and they are happy that fish aren't smart. They say their lack of intelligence makes the job of catching fish easier. One very enterprising kitty has a special glove that makes his paw look like food. When the fish reaches out to grab the paw, the cat gets a fish snack. I'm sure the fish is annoyed, but if he had been smarter, he would not have fallen for the baited paw trick. This is why a good education is so important!

Demon Flash Bandit (Fish School)

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