Monday, October 10, 2011

Doggy Restaurants

There are plenty of restaurants for the humans, and I'm okay with that since I happen to like the food the humans eat. However, why are there so few restaurants that welcome a dog? Sometimes a dog likes to be able to walk in and sit down to order food. Some of us like to have some elegant surroundings, and feel like we are a valued customer---not just someone to feed at drive-thru. This is something that has not been properly addressed by the humans because, with their limited brain power, they just don't see that it is a problem. I personally would enjoy walking into an elegant restaurant and have a human escort me to my seat. That is another thing about the humans--many of us enjoy eating at the table off of regular plates, not off the floor like an animal! Keep in mind, I'm not discussing "dog friendly" restaurants that allow dogs to eat with the humans. I'm talking about actual restaurants for dogs. Of course, since we are nicer than the humans, I don't think most of us would mind if the humans came along with us. Dogs like to bring their pet humans along!

Demon Flash Bandit (Wants to Go to a Doggy Restaurant)

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