Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wall Street Hoarders!!!

I wonder if other people are as concerned as I am about whether the protesters on Wall Street are going to have any effect on the people who work on Wall Street. From what I see, the humans who work on Wall Street are still there, and they are still being crooks so it looks like business as usual on Wall Street. As a dog, I do wonder why so many of the humans allow so few humans to control the money and possessions. I have to admit that I have hoarded a few bones in my life, but never to the extent that the humans on Wall Street try to hog everything for themselves. You would think that money created happiness when all it buys is comfort. True happiness comes from within. All us dogs know that. Of course, you can't expect the humans to know things that come naturally to a dog. This is because the humans tend to be stupid when it comes to happiness. There are television shows about hoarders. Maybe they need to start a new one called "Wall Street Hoarders". Sure, their houses may be neat and clean (probably because they pay someone minimum wage to keep them that way), but if you look at their possessions, they are bigger hoarders than any of the ones who have been on television up to now. You would think the humans would get annoyed at the greed of other humans, but instead of it annoying them, most of them get caught up in it. I bet most of them haven't realized that they can't take it with them when they die....humans are such slow learners!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (My Views Of Wall Street Humans)

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