Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Movie Review of "The Monkey Movie"

I went to see a movie yesterday so it is time for a movie review. The movie was entitled, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but I call it The Monkey Movie. It was a good movie. I did not care for the one part where the monkey (Caesar) growled at an innocent dog. The dog was just doing his job growling at the monkey. Most dogs are going to growl if they see a monkey! Of course, it was a sci-fi movie because it could never happen in real life. The humans are doing a bad enough job of running the world so a monkey could only do worse. If the humans ever get to the point where they aren't running things anymore, it will be time for us dogs to take over. It was an interesting movie though from a scientific point of view. Who is smarter? Humans or their distant cousins, the monkeys? Judging from the way most humans act, perhaps the distance is not enough.

I saw coverage of a tomato battle in the news today. I was hoping that the killer tomatoes were a thing of the past, and all have been defeated. Obviously, I was wrong. Tomatoes are still causing problems for the humans. This is happening in northern California. The humans are having to get down and dirty with those tomatoes in order to keep them in line-or on vine as I like to call it. If the humans need some help, I'm sure the area dogs will be glad to do their part. We are always happy to help the humans. I think it is time to put those tomatoes back into spaghetti sauce where they belong!

Demon Flash Bandit (Monkeys and Tomatoes)

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