Friday, October 21, 2011

Lindsay Lohan: Always in Trouble

I wonder if my readers were as shocked as I to see Lindsay Lohan in the news again. Who would have thought that she would be back in trouble again? Okay, I think most of us thought that she would be. It does not take a psychic to predict that Lindsay Lohan would manage to be back in court. In fact, I think the news story is getting a bit old so I have an idea....I think that once a week, there should be a story in the news about Lindsay Lohan getting into trouble. The news sources can just run the same one every week since all of them seem to be similar anyway. This way, it will free time for the reporters to report on more interesting news. This time she didn't do the required community service, but she said it was not fulfilling work. I guess someone should tell her that is the idea....if it were fulfilling work, it would not be punishment. If I were the judge, I would put her in jail because I think by now it is obvious that she is not going to go along with anything else with which they sentence her. Perhaps jail might give her some time to reflect on how to avoid getting into trouble in the future, but somehow I doubt it. I think reflection like that requires having a brain.

Demon Flash Bandit (Tired of Reading About Lindsay Lohan)

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